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In My Feelings

In My feelings game

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The In My Feelings Game is a game that teaches you to be brave with your feelings. It gives you the courage to have uncomfortable conversations by creating a safe space in your home, school, office for vulnerability without fear of judgement. There is no growth or connection if we are not allowed to let ourselves be truly seen by others. We all need a support system, people we can trust with the most fragile parts of ourselves and to feel understood. We all need to be authentically ourselves to find peace and harmony in all our different relationships.

The game cards have been designed to be a conversation starters for deeper and meaningful connections, a communication tool for those who struggle to speak about their feelings. The cards are versatile and allow you to group them into different games to cover multiple issues within family units, education and self healing. When you play the game, you create a safe space for not only yourself but for others to be brave with their emotions. The game comes with different decks of cards that cover important life topics that can be discussed with children in family units ,schools, spouses, partners, colleagues and friends.

The purpose of the game is to provide people with important mental and emotional tools to help them have a healthier relationships with themselves and others. It is also a tool for those who need to break generational trauma cycles by understanding their emotional triggers and where they come from.

We as human beings are neurobiologically hardwired for connection with other people.

This game is the first step in normalizing healing within families and preventing childhood adverse traumas that children as adults  will need to heal from instead of living peaceful lives.

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