About Us

The Founder - Faith Wesson

"Empathy is not a superpower but the core of our humanness''.

Faith's early childhood experiences of bullying, poverty, and struggles with self-love led her to study Psychology and Communication at University. She wanted to gain a better understanding of what drives human behaviour. She has created a game that addresses our need for vulnerability, forging deeper connections , to belong and communicating our emotions.

Her role models are God, Brenee Brown, Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, Esther Perel, and Florence Scovel Shinn.

Her favourite things to do are dancing and eating chocolate cake.

In My Feelings Game 

Prevention Mental Wellness Brand

In My Feelings Mental Wellness brand is all about mental health promotion and prevention interventions aimed to strengthen an individual's capacity to regulate emotions, providing alternatives coping tools to risk-taking behaviours, build resilience for managing difficult situations and adversity, and promote supportive social environments and social networks in family, school and work environments.

Our games and mental wellness programmes are a multi-level approach to mental wellness that is delivered on various platforms – such as schools, companies, business incubators , communities, mental wellness clubs, private and group life coaching , community based initiatives, online workshops and collaboration with heath care organisations as part of our strategies to reach young people and adults, particularly the most vulnerable.

Early detection and non pharmacological interventions

It is crucial to address the needs of young people , families and employees with mental health conditions and create a supportive environment in both their homes companies and schools. Our aim as a mental wellness brand is to equip people with many coping tools ranging from breathing exercises, problem solving through , meditation, emotional expression through creativity ,healthy eating and resilience building tools to avoiding institutionalization and over-medicalization by prioritizing non-pharmacological approaches first and standardising access to mental wellness education for young people and adults on a daily basis.

Our mission

In my Feelings Mental Wellness Brand works on strategies, programmes and tools that focus on collective mental wellness to bridge emotional intelligence and life skill gaps that stem from intergenerational trauma cycles.

The In My Feelings Mental Wellness brand is consistently developing programmes to meet people’s needs in real time and avert potential mental health crises and be proactive in helping those who might encounter the same challenges later on.This is part of our long term strategy to develop and test scalable psychological interventions to address emotional disorders of adolescents, and guidance on mental health services for adolescents.


Faith is a mother of three energetic children with boundless imaginations to feed her creativity and inner child.