Mental and Emotional Health in schools

Do your children understand what mental and emotional health is?

How are schools creating a safe environment for your children to express their emotions about the stresses and social problems they face at school everyday?

Children having a lot of burdens weighing them down. They struggle to keep a positive attitude and use risky behaviour to numb the hard emotions. This can affect their personalities and cause them to withdraw from family, friends and activities. 

How can the game help children cope with their mental and emotional struggles?

The In My Feeling game creates a safe space in schools and covers all issues children struggle with. The game uses opened ended questions to invite children to think more deeply and reflect on their own experiences. The game creates a space for sharing and finding emotional support from other learners.Knowing other people are going through the same things can help teenagers feel less alone. Adolescences is the foundation stage of self concept .The game helps children explore who they are and what type of relationships they value.

We want our children to go into the world not only skill ready but emotionally and mentally prepared for life challenges. The game is an ongoing safe space that can be used to find solutions for primary /high school related- problems and teach children to forge deeper connections with others.

This is only a fraction of the things you can achieve when using the game. Your children will learn how to set boundaries, love themselves and express their feelings without fear of shame.