Teen Mental Wellness Clubs





What are all the things you wish you could protect your children from mentally?

We all have been touched by trauma in some way. Generational trauma is proof that babies can inherit their parents trauma whilst still in the womb.No one decide one day to inflict pain on their loved ones. Trauma if left unchecked and treated can affect the next generations of your bloodline.
There is hope still...
We can't change the past but we have the option of an insurance policy to protect the future of our children.
In My Feelings Mental Clubs - Your children's insurance policy for the future.
Our tween and teen games are focused on educating children about issues that can impact their mental wellness and when they should seek support. We make sure they have a good understanding of what healthy love, relationships and self identity looks like.
Our mission is to empower children now to make healthier choices and set good boundaries to protect their mental and emotional health. We don't want to raise children who have to recover from their childhood as adults.
Our once a week mental wellness club allows us to monitor and children's mental well being and stage interventions when we see red flags. We are parent's helping hand.
This mental wellness club will give them a safe space to express their vulnerability, lean in for support and work through their emotion in healthy ways.
We cover:
*Self development - understanding themselves.
*Relationships - learning to have healthy relationships with others
*Emotions - helping teens identify and understand their complex emotions and where they come from.
*Working with real life situation - practical learning.
*Bullying - understanding and finding solutions.
*Support - learning to support and advice their peers on issues
*Music - using music to express their emotions.