Are you trustworthy?

Do I trust myself and am I someone others can trust?

This is a profound question that many of us underestimate in all types of relationships especially in the workplace.

Often when we speak of trust in relation to other people and never with ourselves. What we fail to understand is self -trust must come first.

How are you to trust others when you don’t trust yourself to follow through on personal commitments?
You can’t be receptive to things you don’t fully understand or practice.

Self trust is the foundation of all trust. It gives you credibility ,self confidence, integrity and helps you to come across as capable to others and yourself.

Trust with others becomes organic and not something that one needs to earn when you show up with integrity and follow through on your commitments.

Here are a few tips on how to build self -trust:

When you make personal commitments to yourself, see them through. Failing to keep your promises to yourself will erode your self-confidence.

Be realistic when setting personal goals. Don’t set yourself up for fail.

How to build trust in the workplace:

Avoid dishonesty in the workplace when it comes to clients or colleagues. We often tell “little white lies’’ when dealing with difficult colleagues or closing sale deals . This impacts our credibility in our teams and we become untrustworthy as leaders.

It is the little things we do every day that build or destroy trust in the workplace. People can’t work with or support managers/leaders they can’t trust.

Distrust impacts employee retention, job satisfaction and team performance.

Trust is an action.

Make sure your actions are trustworthy and people around you can confidently say” I trust this person’’ without hesitation.

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